Behind The Scenes: The Cacophony Exercise

So how do our Tucson slam poets get an edge and get into the zone so that when the pressure is on... they kick pressure's ass? 

One answer is this challenging exercise known as the Cacophony Exercise. Cacophony means a "harsh and discordant mixture of sounds," and in this case it's all five poets delivering their A-game slam skills all simultaneously without losing their concentration. 

pretty cool huh?

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Meet The Team!

City Champ:

David Doc Luben... "He Wants Love Back!"

The Lovely Lindsay Miller!... "Has Some Things In Common With Elvis Presley"
The Mystifying Maya Asher!

The Rockin' Mickey Randleman ... "Barbie Was A Burn Victim"

The Luminous Laura Lacanette "She's Still Screaming!"